The following is a list of behavioral expectations that Supervised Visitation Services, LLC requires of the visiting parent during supervised parenting time. *

  1. The child must initiate any and all physical contact between the child and the parent, unless otherwise approved by the agency.
  2. Whispering (or otherwise speaking in low tones with the intent of concealing the conversation) and note passing must not occur between the parent and child during supervised parenting time.
  3. The parent must not initiate discussion with the child(ren) concerning any alleged abuse or use manipulative techniques to extract any information from the child(ren).
  4. Discussion regarding adult problems such as court proceedings or parental disagreements are not permitted in front of the child(ren).
  5. If the parent wants to give a gift to the child(ren), the parent must discuss the plan and details with the supervisor in advance.
  6. The language used during the parenting time must be language in which the supervisor is fluent.
  7. There should be no discussion, derogatory comments, or questioning of the child(ren) concerning the other parent, the other parent’s relationships or the other parent’s activities.
  8. No discussion concerning future living arrangements or changes in custody or parenting time should occur except as determined in advance between the parent and the agency.
  9. The child(ren) shall not be used to send any messages to the other parent or family member or for the purpose of delivering any communication or document.
  10. The child(ren) shall not be questioned concerning where the child(ren) live(s) or go to school.
  11. All directives and requests from staff shall be followed.
  12. All parenting time shall occur only in areas designated for that purpose.
  13. No one other than the parent should be present at the enter or in any area that is in direct view of the center or supervising staff unless arranged in advance as part of the therapy.
  14. No drugs or alcohol shall be brought to the agency, nor shall a parent appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.* Additional conditions or Behavioral Expectations may be included as a condition of supervised parenting
    if the agency deems it appropriate or specific to the case.